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Society of Underwriting Professionals outlines plans for second year



Think 2020, and chances are the first thing that will come into your head will be the “coronavirus pandemic”. Sadly, given the current plight of the country as we draw towards the closing months of the year, it appears likely that the topic will dominate the agenda in 2021 too.

That’s why the Society of Underwriting Professionals has put it firmly in focus in its second-year plans, as it looks to support the sector with managing its prolonged effects.

With the Society marking its first anniversary this month, it took the chance to reflect on a year that has seen it provide thought leadership on everything from the impact of automation to the emergence of cyber, reaching some 10,000 members worldwide. Now, heading into its second year, it will look at ways to guide the profession on the pandemic and other emerging issues, as well as acting as a presence for underwriters with the ongoing business interruption debate.

“Over the next 12 months, the Society of Underwriting Professionals will be working on guidance around how to mitigate and prevent the disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic, and emerging global risks which may follow,” said strategy and operations manager for the Chartered Insurance Institute, Matt Hall.

“Furthermore, members of the society can expect more guidance to provide a strong understanding of the technical skills and professional behaviours required of underwriters in today’s market, with foresight over what changes are coming.

 “The good practice guidance we have issued over the last year has had to be timely and relevant, and the advisory board of the Society has shown a lot of commitment in the face of such trying times. 

“However, we will continue to encourage our members to improve their knowledge and skills to lead to better customer outcomes and greater public trust in the broking profession.”

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