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Regulator to name and shame airlines over refunds – MSE survey shows Virgin and Ryanair likely to be among them



What do the airlines say?

A Ryanair spokesperson said: “Ryanair has already processed over €750m in refunds and vouchers since mid-March, which is over 60% of Ryanair’s total backlog of Covid cancellations in March, April, May & June.

We expect to clear over 90% of the remaining backlog of refund requests by the end of July. However, thousands of customers are being blocked from receiving their refund due to unauthorised third-party screen scrapers providing Ryanair with fake email addresses or virtual credit card details that do not belong to customers.

“We call on the CAA to take action and introduce urgent regulation to ensure that these unauthorised intermediaries provide airlines with accurate customer details so we can process their refunds.”

We’ve contacted Virgin Atlantic for comment, and will update this story when we hear back. When we originally published the results of our travel survey, a spokesperson told us: “As a direct result of the global travel restrictions, we have had to cancel a vast number of flights and continue to be inundated with enquiries, including refund requests. Our absolute focus remains on supporting all of our customers to amend, rebook or cancel plans.

“We would reassure all customers that if they’ve requested a refund for a cancelled trip, it will be repaid in full, and the work to process refunds is our priority.”

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