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Regulator raps Ryanair, Virgin and others for being too slow on refunds



How did different airlines perform? 

The CAA’s review has focused on 18 different airlines. This includes all the UK airlines, as well as a number of EU or international airlines which either have large UK operations or had been identified as potentially having significant refund problems. 

It used its own investigations as well as information provided by consumers and consumer bodies to look into whether airlines were placing barriers in the way of customers requesting refunds through unclear messaging and difficult to navigate or understaffed customer services.

The CAA says it found only three airlines – American Airlines, Jet2 and United Airlines – were promptly paying out refunds and didn’t have major backlogs. Jet2 was the highest-rated airline in our latest travel survey, with American Airlines placing fourth (United Airlines didn’t receive enough responses to be ranked). 

And on the other end of the scale, it’s named and shamed airlines such as Easyjet, Ryanair, Tui and Virgin Atlantic for not paying out refunds quickly enough – though it says all have made commitments to improve their payment times. Ryanair and Virgin Atlantic were the worst-rated major airlines in our survey. 

It also highlighted airlines such as Air TransatAir Canada and Turkish Airlines which it initially identified as not paying refunds based on customer complaints – though it says all airlines it contacted have now confirmed they are paying out cash refunds as they’re required to. Again, Air Transat was the second worst-rated airline in our survey. 

You can see the CAA’s comments on individual airlines’ performances below:

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