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MPs call on Government to help those excluded by coronavirus support schemes



Who is excluded from the coronavirus support schemes?

There are several different groups of people that are excluded by the UK Government’s coronavirus support schemes. 

As MSE founder Martin Lewis has previously written: “When the Chancellor’s financial support schemes first came out, they were rightly lauded for protecting millions of people’s jobs and incomes in this unprecedented health and economic catastrophe. At the time, I said in one interview I’d give it an A-grade, but what’d really count is how they’d help those who’d fallen through the cracks.

“Yet whether its new starter furlough or self-employed support, freelance PAYE, limited company directors, dental nurses, shielders whose firms won’t furlough and many more – those cracks are now fissures, with up to three million people desperate, without help or support. And so that grade has degraded.

“All my attempts to be allocated a journalistic question at the Downing Street press conferences about this have been turned down, so thank you to Andrew Marr who raised it, in my name, with the Chancellor on the BBC’s The Andrew Marr Show.

“Listening to it will not make many hopeful. And indeed if you’re in this situation while you can hope for the best, its best to plan for the worst. There’s a new group, Excluded UK, set up as a community interest company by three people to try and give a voice to those missing out. It’s early days, but at least it means there’s a voice being heard, aiming to raise awareness.”

Responding to today’s debate, Excluded UK said: “Excluded UK maintains that there is no rationale or fair justification for these exclusions and that the Chancellor’s repeated assertion that everyone has been or can be helped in some way is simply not the case.

“We urge the Government to recognise the unfairness and disparities resulting from these exclusions in these Government support measures, and calls for urgent redress for the three million excluded from meaningful support.”

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