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Fire! Steel Rebar And Iron Ore Are The Latest To Surge In Price (Along With Stocks, Home Prices and Treasury Yields) – Investment Watch



by confoundedinterest17

Wow. Everything seems to be surging in price. Yesterday, I wrote about rising food prices along with rising lumber prices.

A former Ohio State University student, Brett Reid, asked me about alternative building material prices since lumber is getting so expensive. Well Brett, here are the rising futures prices of steel rebar and iron ore. I threw in aluminum prices for the sake of comparison. Yes, steel rebar and iron ore futures prices are skyrocketing too,

On the sovereign debt front, we see the 10-year yields on US and German sovereign debt increasing as well.

As the ECB and Federal Reserve play dueling banjos.

With rising liquidity in markets, asset prices like the S&P500 as rising as well. (Chart from Holger Zschäpitz).

It is almost like asset prices and commodities are on fire!

The Crazy World of Central Bankers Jerome Powell and Christine Lagarde.




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