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Deciding what’s important to you

Is it unit count, cash flow, diversification, or any of the many other factors? For most real estate investors, this answer is very personal to not only their investing goals but their overall financial goals. You may not want to choose the same goals as your real estate hero, since choosing goals that fit around your expertise, investments, and lifestyle is crucial.

Your goals might be:

  • Developing a strong passive portfolio of cash-flowing rental properties
  • Perfecting the BRRRR strategy
  • Growing your equity.

But how do you know where your real estate priorities lie? This question can be tricky, especially for new investors. The answer: Talk to other real estate investors about their strategies. Ask why they chose the methods they’re utilizing—and figure out if that plan of action makes sense for you. Over time, you’ll learn a variety of smart approaches to real estate investing that help your goals and game plan.

Check out the BiggerPockets Forums to start learning more about other investors’ approaches.